Dota 2 Team with a long history and highest achievements in Vietnam

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The Full Story

Spawn.497 is a leading Gaming Team in Vietnam known for a pure dedication to gaming We take the best Vietnam Dota 2 team of all time and make our way to be the greatest Dota 2 team globally by bringing our values and keeping everything that makes 496 beloveds in the Vietnam community.

What Sets Us Apart

Our winning strategy is adhering to three characteristics that define us as gamers: professionalism, transparent, open minded.

With our joy, love, and passion for games, we keep it in structure with a high standard work environment. That's how we can have a clear strategy for archiving our goals. We are fully open in our team and outside to share our knowledge. Meanwhile, we are constantly looking for other industries and trying new training methods, learning and improvements. 

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Embodiment of Gaming Culture

Managers, Players, and Staff all share a big passion for this game; on average, we spend more than 10k+ hours in-game. And this game can't stop amazing us — this passion we want to share with people worldwide, especially here in Vietnam.


More than just a competitive Dota 2 Team, Spawn.496 is a community of professional gamers and eSports fans. What began as a group of friends competing online evolved into a leading Dota 2 Team with the support of reputable sponsors and affiliated organizations.

While coming from diverse backgrounds, the players of Spawn.496 are driven by common pursuits; a passion for gaming, a thirst for competition and a desire to share our excitement and experiences. Contact us today to learn more.

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